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About us

Tavo’s Signature Cuisine is a family-owned/family-run restaurant. We take pride in preparing fresh authentic Mexican dishes with the infusion of other Latin American flavors and giving it a gourmet flair.

While we enjoy using the original recipes and authentic techniques that have been passed through generations, we also love innovating and creating wonderful unique dishes just for you.

Our wonderful menu was created in order to accommodate the most demanding palates. Our menu is full of all the delicious Mexican tastes you desire, made fresh daily by our experienced chefs.

We are able to have most of our dishes made vegan and take pride on being able to produce wonderful tasty gluten free dishes. We use cage free chicken and grass-fed meats.

Once you dig into our craft-made guacamole, prepared right after you place your order, you’ll experience the ultimate in freshness, just like the numerous fabulous meals on our menu.

The absolute best way to satisfy your hunger for authentic Mexican & Latin American cuisine it’s at our restaurant.

Whether you’re craving the authentic tastes of old Mexican dishes like a traditional mole or a satisfying craft margarita, or just a fun, festive outing with friends and family, you’ve come to the right place.